BPN Prabowo: Fully Hoax Tracing Allegations from the Incumbent camp

Indonesia Faktual. Prabowo-Sandi's Deputy Chairperson of BPN, Priyo Budi Santoso, strongly denied allegations from the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin TKN who said Prabowo's BPN revised and changed their vision and mission. It was also stated that the faction pair number 02 had plagiarized. Priyo spontaneously claimed all these accusations were not true aka hoaxes.

"There are accusations that are inconsistent. There are more frightening accusations, he said, we plagiarized the next camp. I replied, it was completely untrue. "It's a hoax. We can't trace the mindset and vision and mission of the next party," Priyo said after a discussion in the Menteng area, Jakarta, Saturday (12/1/19).

Priyo Menandaskan, clearly their position and perspective to see the nation is different. Priyo said, the BPN actually wanted to improve and perfect, even replace things that really had to be changed in the future.

"It is not totally changing the vision and mission, but the refine…

Not Sure Survey Institutions, Prabowo BPN Performs Internal Surveys

Liputan Pos. Ahead of the 2019 presidential election survey institutions are increasingly mushrooming. Their actions are increasingly sticking out. Many of the politicians or political parties that will compete, do not hesitate to ask survey institutions to predict the extent of their electability. However, now survey institutions have led to commercialization, and no longer heed the principles of professionalism in their activities.

Deputy Chairperson of the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Priyo Budi Santoso said the electability of vice presidential candidate number 02, was almost the same as the incumbent presidential candidate Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin. In fact, Priyo said the thin difference was only 6 percent, the result was the result of an internal survey from Prabowo BPN, not from the commercial survey institution who paid.

"Our internal survey is quite satisfying BPN, where the difference is now only 6 percent," Priyo said when the MNC Tr…

Prime Visit Sandiaga Uno to Rembang City Welcomed by Emak Pemulung

Monitor Berita. Candidate vice president number 02, Sandiaga Uno, is scheduled to visit a number of locations in Rembang Regency today. Where for this morning a password has been scheduled to visit the Rembang City Market. Arriving at the market, his presence made people around happy, as soon as he saw Sandi's presence, the scavenger woman approached to hug and kiss her.

The incident suddenly made all the visitors and the traders in the market laughing happily. Where the clothes used are quite worn, equipped with a shawl carrying a sling on his shoulder. While crying, the old woman continued to hug Sandi tightly.

It is known that the middle-aged woman was named Titah, a resident of Sumberjo Village, Rembang City District. When questioned by reporters, he claimed to work as a scavenger everyday who used to scavenge for goods around the market location of the city of Rembang.
"I am moved, you can come here. Basically I hope that the economy will get better, prices can all be cheap…

Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno: Boost Biofuel Production to Reduce Fuel Imports

Era Fakta. Some of the programs and conditions of the Republic of Indonesia in the economic field were again discussed by the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo-Sandi in a discussion attended by the Former Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Rizal Ramli. In the discussion also discussed the strategy of Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno to increase Biofuel production as a strategy to reduce fuel imports.

Rizal Ramli focused attention on the widening of Indonesia's current account deficit (CAD) of minus US $ 8.80 billion in the third quarter of 2018. According to Rizal, this is a failure of the regime, especially in macroeconomics. Where the facts obtained are some of the imports in the form of BBM.

"We (RI) have a strange policy. Indeed there are always internal and external factors, the government has always reasoned on external factors, "said Rizal, when he attended the discussion, at Prabowo-Sandi Media Center on Jalan Sriwijaya I No 35, Jakarta, on Friday (11/1) / 2019).

He …

Prabowo-SBY Holds a Routine Meeting of the Coalition Party

Kolom Utama. Prabowo Subianto, presidential candidate number 02 with Sandiaga Uno, held a meeting with Democratic Party Chairperson Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). The regular meeting lasted for approximately two hours which was a routine meeting of the Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno coalition party supporters. From our speakers, the meeting was allegedly discussing the KPK Strengthening Strategy

Prabowo only stated, during the meeting SBY gave many inputs. However, he did not explain in detail the results of the meeting, whether he was given an entry or even asked for entry. Prabowo only said "enter", when he was questioned by our party, at Jalan Mega Kuningan Timur VII, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, on Thursday 10 January 2019.

Prabowo also did not say whether the discourse from SBY had a connection or not, with the first debate of the vice presidential candidates that would soon be held. Prabowo only said, if he and SBY met were commonplace, because Gerindra and Democrats were parties th…

Bela Prabowo, This Is Sandiaga's Problem About "Corruption Is Not How Much" Gerindra Candidates

Buletin  Nasional. The first debate in the 2019 presidential election was over. The first presidential and vice presidential debate was held at Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta, on Thursday night (17/1).
The statement of presidential candidate number 02, Prabowo Subianto, who said "corruption is not much" was disputed by the Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin camp. Then, vice president Sandiaga defended Prabowo's presidential candidate.

"Obviously Pak Prabowo said the law must be enforced," said Sandiaga when met at Jalan Jenggala, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Friday (1/18/2019).

The statement "corruption is not much" delivered by Prabowo during the first presidential and vice presidential debate at Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta, Thursday (17/1) last night. The statement was made in response to the incumbent presidential candidate Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who questioned Prabowo's commitment to eradicating corruption when Prabowo approved the existence of several…

'Indonesia Extinct' Speech Prabowo Makes Inconvenience Annoying

Pojok Nasional. In the event of the alumni's declaration of support from several State Universities in Indonesia, Joko Widodo quipped Prabowo's speech on 'Indonesia Extinct'. Prabowo said this during the Gerindra National Conference at the Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, West Java, Monday, December 17, 2018.

Deputy Chairperson of the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo-Sandiaga at the 2019 Presidential Election Budi Santoso regretted Jokowi's attitude that was sarcastic about the phrase 'Indonesia Extinct' during the alumni declaration of State Universities in Indonesia. According to him, Jokowi is now often angry when commenting on presidential statement number 02, Prabowo Subianto.

"I was rather surprised that Mr. Jokowi came out of his style. Lately, he was angry and annoyed, commenting on the big ideas carried out by Pak Prabowo, "Priyo said on Jalan TB Simatupang, Sunday (1/13/2019).

The Working Secretary General of the Party asse…

Arguing in the First Debate of the Incumbent Most Nyontek

Liputan Digital. The inaugural debate held on Thursday night (17/01/19) resulted in the Prabowo-Sandi camp and also the incumbent camp, giving each other their opposing arguments. As well as the responses from the candidate pairs also helped to strengthen the atmosphere that occurred in the first debate of the 2019 vice presidential candidate.

For example, one of the themes that raises the issue of law and human rights in Indonesia. Where often people in Indonesia are confronted with legal issues, including the assertiveness of human rights issues. And the context is how firmness and law enforcement must be put forward? And in what context should it be a concern?

Then regarding this matter, Prabowo-Sandi and the incumbent responded with different arguments. It was said by the Kubu incumbent that legal action with human rights issues could not be equated with its position. However, this assumption was not approved by the Prabowo-Sandi faction, that according to him there were still many …

Fahri Hamzah: Fending Off View To Prabowo With His National Speech

Jurnal Update. Fahri Hamzah, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives considered Prabowo Subianto's national speech to fend off the views of Deputy General Chairperson of Gerindra.

"Hehehe, I consider it failed to show Prabowo as scary and dangerous," Fahri told reporters at the Parliament Complex in Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (01/15/2019).
Then Fahri revealed the points of the intended president of Prabowo's figure who had been seen as a danger and fear to certain parties had failed to do.

"Because, I judge there is an attempt to smear Mr. Prabowo with a scary image. Prabowo is considered emotional, is considered angry, temperamental, then threatens the democratic transition, will disrupt what already exists. That is all the image that Mr. Prabowo wants to attach to himself, "he added.

He said, Fahri stressed to his parties who tried to say that a frightening view to Prabowo was finally disputed by his national speech.

"The fact is, the…

This is the First Review of the 2019 Presidential Election Debate, Prabowo Candidates Look More Relaxed

Warta Jurnal. Presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs (presidential and vice presidential candidates) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahudin Uno is considered superior compared to the incumbent presidential and vice-presidential pair in the 2019 presidential election (Pilpres) debate with the theme of law, human rights, terrorism and corruption. On Thursday (01/17/2019).

According to Kunto Adiwibowo, Semiotic Expert from Padjadjaran University (Unpad), the superiority of Prabowo-Sandi has been seen from a more calm attitude shown by presidential candidate number 02 in answering various questions.
"Prabowo-Sandi is superior, because it is more fluid or relaxed. While Jokowi-Ma'ruf looks tense, "said Kunto, Thursday (01/17).

It can be seen from the compactness between Prabowo-Sandi compared to the incumbent presidential candidates. The existence of a script or cheat sheet disrupted the appearance of the incumbent in answering various questions in the first debate of t…

When the First Presidential Election Debate, Jokowi Looks nervous and complicated when answering questions

Fakta Id. Incumbent camps tend to be more attacking in the inaugural presidential and vice presidential debate event on Thursday (01/17/19). Incumbent repeatedly spoke in a firm tone to show his disapproval of the presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto's comments.

In fact, the offensive incumbent against Prabowo with certain issues and cases. Then, by relating the legal aspects. One of them was when the former mayor of Solo signaled the issue of hoax Ratna Sarumpaet. Prabowo's presidential candidate was offensive about the representation of women and candidates for corrupt prisoners in the Party.

Science-based tubut language expert Monica Kumalasari also agrees that the peahana tambil camp is unusual, more resolute through verbal and gesture. Meanwhile, it is inversely proportional to Prabowo's appearance, looking calm, calm. However, one or two moments of the former secretary general of Kopassus showed his emotional side.

Then, the Political Observer of Padjadjara…

Prabowo-Sandi Announces About People's Funds, There Is No Relationship With Side of the Side

Nasional Indonesia. Fahri Hamzah, Deputy Chairperson of the House of Representatives asked the presidential candidate pair number Prabowo 02 Sandi to speak out about village funds. According to him, village funds with a nominal value of Rp. 73 trillion are the people's rights which are disbursed in the months leading up to the 2019 Election. Because, it is feared that until that point it is misinterpreted.

"I am worried, so I propose to Bung Sandiaga, announce to the people that this village fund has nothing to do with incumbents, so that the money is yours and indeed your right," Fahri said when speaking at the National Winning Agency Secretariat (BPN) Office , Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (01/09/2019).

Fahri revealed that village funds in 2019 were the largest in history. Previously, this was also guaranteed by the opposing camp, regarding additional funds for the fund program which reached Rp. 73 trillion.

"Be careful, there are social assistance funds, inclu…

In the Field RW in Depok Area Holds the Nobar Prime Debate of the Presidential Election The Supporters Enliven

Topik Aktual. The people in the Depok area held a program to watch together the inaugural debate in 2019 presidential election on Thursday (01/17/19) night.
The community supports candidate number president and vice president 02, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Salahudin Uno.

During the debate, the community highlighted the incumbent camp which was more dominant when answering questions from the moderator and responding to statements from Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.
In the RW Field in Depok, the Nobar Prime Debate of the Presidential Election Enlivened

"Oh yeah, you have been treated like that, no, by the way," said one of Prabowo-Sandi's volunteers in the RW field in Depok when he won the first debate of 2019 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates on Thursday (17/01/19) night.
The people who came and shocked the Nobar place, the community had a high appreciation for supporting the presidential and vice presidential candidate number 02.

"I don't understand. Wh…

First Debate, Prabowo-Sandi BPN: Does Not Touch Off Novel Cases

Siaran Media. Director of BPN Debate Material Prabowo-Sandi, Sudirman Said was more interested in underlining what was conveyed by Prabowo and Sandiaga during the first presidential debate. Then he conveyed things about an increasingly widespread corruption case.

"We know that corruption shows signs that are somewhat worrying in this period. There are four of the heads of high state institutions caught by the KPK, "Sudirman added.
Previously, BPN Prabowo-Sandiaga claimed to have been ready for debate by TKN and was ready for questions about terror cases that had befallen senior KPK investigators Novel Baswedan.

"Regarding the questions that will be carried out by TKN to Mr. Prabowo and Bang Sandi, for us there is no problem, huh. The kidnapping case is a broken cassette that is repeated or stale rice, because indeed once in 5 years it will be questioned. For that we are ready to face, "added the BPN spokesman, Andre Rosiade, in his statement on Tuesday (01/15/19).


Prabowo Subianto: Simply Tense the First Debate

Pojok Id. Presidential and Presidential Election Candidates Debate 2019 Election, on Thursday, (01/17/19). The debate program was broadcast live on TVRI, RTV, Kompas TV. The first live broadcast of the 2019 Presidential Election raised the theme of human rights, terrorism, law and corruption. According to the mutual agreement, each candidate pair was sent a question by the KPU.

The event was the moderator of their 2019 presidential election debate, Ira Koesno and Imam Priyono. The event was held at the Bidakara Building, Jakarta, Thursday (01/17/2019) night.
Presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto said he was quite tense during the first debate in the 2019 presidential election.

Presidential candidate number 02 who was flooded with reporters after the event, he said the debate went well. And assessing the atmosphere of the debate is also good.

"The first time we use this system. I think it's okay. I'm tense too, "said Prabowo at Bidakara Hotel, Pancoran, South …

Splashy When Prabowo Subianto Welcomes Titiek Soeharto

Liputan Net. Prabowo Subianto delivered a national speech at the Senayan Jakarta Convention Center
Prabowo expressed his gratitude at the opening of his speech in the presence of a number of figures who supported him to one of them, Titiek Soeharto

Prabowo mentioned the names of Titiek and supporters who were present and the attendees immediately clapped their hands and cheered for both
"Also to Mrs. Titiek Soeharto," Prabowo said, applauded by supporters and invited guests
then Prabowo paused before he continued his speech and immediately smiled and so did Sandiga who smiled too

The event was opened by singing Indonesian Pusaka songs and then Indonesia Raya and continued with the campaign video
Prabowo Subuanto's national speech which was attended by a number of important figures in Indonesia yautu, former 6th President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and AHY

and also attended MPR Chair Zulkifli Hasan, PKS officials Hidayat Nur Wahid, Chairperson of the Prabowo-Sandi National Winning…

Prabowo Subianto Gained Support from FPI and PA 212

Topik Nasional. Rizieq Shibab The leader of the Islamic Defenders Front asked Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno to calm down before facing the 2019 Presidential Candidates Debate event which will take place tonight at the Bidakara hotel.

this message was delivered by a spokesman for the DPP Islamic Defenders Front who is also the Chair of the 212 Alumni Brotherhood Slamet Maarif
"The message remains calm and consultation with pre-debate scholars," said Slamet
Slamet explained that there was no special message from Habib Rizieq to Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno who were very experienced and very capable of mastering the stage of the Debate Examination event which will be held up to 5 times.

Slamet explained that Rizieq would also watch the Presidential Candidate Debate event later that night and the brand would watch together with guests at his home or not
"Well, that doesn't know," said Slamet.

Prabowo-Sandiaga's National Winning Body has instructed its member…

This Election Is Colored With The Large Number Of Citizens Who Are willing To Spend Pockets In Providing Campaign Fund Donations

Topik Id. This election was marked by many people who were willing to spend on giving campaign funds for the figure they supported

In the Prabowo-Sandi campaign fund report, Sandi explained about campaign funds, he greatly appreciated this support, not forgetting that he always recorded and verified anyone and the amount of money that had been given, so that the transparency of campaign funds was maintained according to the directions from the KPU

"The ones who come to give direct money are Rp. 100,000 to Rp150 thousand, which is very difficult for us to identify. This is part of participatory politics, one of the political education that Prabowo-Sandi wants to say is in the future how they will participate in fighting for the changes they expect, especially in terms of better national life, prosperity, economic change and so on. Many also passed by directly giving money there as well as at events that I attended where there were varied amounts of on-spot fundraising, "said th…