BPN Prabowo: Fully Hoax Tracing Allegations from the Incumbent camp

Indonesia Faktual. Prabowo-Sandi's Deputy Chairperson of BPN, Priyo Budi Santoso, strongly denied allegations from the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin TKN who said Prabowo's BPN revised and changed their vision and mission. It was also stated that the faction pair number 02 had plagiarized. Priyo spontaneously claimed all these accusations were not true aka hoaxes.

"There are accusations that are inconsistent. There are more frightening accusations, he said, we plagiarized the next camp. I replied, it was completely untrue. "It's a hoax. We can't trace the mindset and vision and mission of the next party," Priyo said after a discussion in the Menteng area, Jakarta, Saturday (12/1/19).

Priyo Menandaskan, clearly their position and perspective to see the nation is different. Priyo said, the BPN actually wanted to improve and perfect, even replace things that really had to be changed in the future.

"It is not totally changing the vision and mission, but the refinement and elaboration carried out with aesthetics and language that is more comfortable and understandable by the outside community," Priyo said.

Priyo was convinced to keep abiding by the KPU's decision to reject the vision of the new mission. Although, he believed the KPU had stated that it was possible to change the vision and mission. Therefore he felt disappointed with the KPU which he considered inconsistent.

"Actually, we protested a little, but because the KPU had rules like that we ended up obeying. "Should not be given a statement in the future, it is still possible to make improvements," said Priyo.

It was added again, in fact the KPU also gave an opportunity to convey the new vision and mission to the people. because, a lot of substance even until the tagline is refined.

"We also perfect the tagline to become Indonesia to win, for the sake of a prosperous just society," Priyo said.

Regarding changes in Prabowo-Sandi's vision and mission, no one should be questioned. Where the meaning of the vision, mission and work program itself is the spirit of change for the good of the nation and state.


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